This article will be updated with common questions and answers about updates to the RIX Wiki in October 2018. 



Can I keep the same password? 

Your new password must be at least 8 characters long and include at least one number.

It can be the same as your old password as long as it fits this criteria.


What if I have forgotten my password? 

If you have forgotten your password to your Wiki, you can go to: 

Click 'reset it here' in the bottom right corner.  Check your email and follow the instructions. 

Then, go to and you can login. 



Where do I log in once I have updated my password? 

Once you have updated your password, you can log in using the new web address: 



What happens if I log in to the old web address ( by mistake? 

If you log in to the old web address once you have updated your password you will see the page below.   Click the blue 'here' button. 

This will take you to the new Wiki web address where you can see your Wiki.   Save the new web address: for next time. 



What if I go to the new Wiki address without updating my account details? 

If you have not updated your Wiki password by going to and logging in, you will not be able to log in to the new web address.   Make sure you follow the instructions here.