Using a RIX Big Wiki means that you can add subsections to a Wiki to organise Wiki pages. This is useful if you have a lot of content to share. 

You can see an example of a Big Wiki here:  

If you want to use the RIX Big Wiki email us with your request at: 


Viewing a Big Wiki 

There can be up to 7 sections in a Wiki. 

The arrows in the picture below show what a section looks like. 


In a Big Wiki, there are subsections which look like this. You will see these when you click on a Wiki Section. 


When you click on a Subsection there will be Wiki pages which look like this. 



How to Add a Subsection 


To add a new subsection, follow the steps below.  When you add the first subsection, the pages in your section are added to the subsection. You won't lose any content by adding a subsection.




  • Click the pencil to go into edit mode  



Wiki Master Tutorial

  • Click on a section 



  • Click add subsection 
  • The pages in this section will be part of your new subsection


  • Choose a picture for the subsection
  • Type a title for the subection 



  • Click save 


  • You can see your new subsection
  • Click add subsection to add another