Getting started with EasySurvey

How do I log into EasySurvey?

You can log in here:  

Is there a training guide for EasySurvey?

Yes, we have a full training guide to help you create your surveys.

You can find the guide here


How can I get help with EasySurvey?

Easy, just visit our Help centre and request support

Do I need to install EasySurvey?

No, EasySurvey is a web based system and does not need to be installed.

What web browsers work with EasySurvey?

Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Edge. Internet Explorer version 10 and version 11 are supported.

I have an old browser that doesn’t work with EasySurvey, what can I do to make it work?

All modern browsers allow users to update their browser to the latest version for free. Keeping up to date with your browser version will help to keep you and your organisation safe. Please update your web browser to take advantage of EasySurvey.

Who makes EasySurvey?

EasySurvey has been created by RIX Research and Media, University of East London and is resold in the UK via Kim Software solutions Ltd.


Questions about software security and storage

Where is the application and data from surveys held?

All the application and user data is held in our UK-based data centre.

Does this service meet GDPR requirements?


EasySurvey meets all of the GDPR requirements in full. Check out our Questions about Privacy to help you reinforce GDPR compliance across your surveys.

Who owns the data in EasySurvey?

You do.

The surveys you create in EasySurvey contain text and media assets which are owned by you. The responses by the survey takers include text and pre-defined responses, all owned by you.

Is my data safe in the data centres?

EasySurvey data is stored in the UK. 

Our data centre is fully ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 22301 and PCI DSS compliant.

Our data centre provides the following physical security.

  • 24 hour manned security, CCTV and intruder alarms
  • Internal and external CCTV systems
  • Security breach alarms

Our data centre fully complies with GDPR.

How else do you make the technology safe?

We use a SSL (Secure Socket Layering system) to reduce the possibility of your data being intercepted between the device the voter is using to complete a survey and our data centre that contains the software.

Do you encrypt EasySurvey data?

Yes, data held at the data centre is encrypted.

What if a survey voter responds in an inappropriate or illegal way?

It is your responsibility to review responses. We will work with you and within the UK legal framework and do our best to help you identify the responsible voter where technically possible.

What happens to my data when I close my account?

We will delete all of your account data, images, video, surveys and survey responses.

Can survey voters see other voters responses?

No. Only the Administrator who created the survey can see the responses.

Subscription, pricing and charges


RIX offers three packages.

Lite - a free, limited version of our survey tool.

Individual - a license that allows one identified user to create and send as many surveys as they wish.

Organisation - a license that allows everyone in a single organisation to send as many surveys as they wish. This is ideal for organisations such as schools, charities, parent carer groups and local authorities.


What is EasySurvey Lite?

RIX EasySurvey Lite is our slimmed down version of RIX Easy Survey.

We’re offering a free 3 month trial of Lite for people who want to try out the software before paying for the full version.

With Lite, you can make one survey, with pictures, using two types of question, single select and ranked list. Although some features are disabled in our Lite version, you can still make a pictorial survey with the same accessible interface that is genuinely easy to complete for the voter.

Lite users will have access to video guides and other support materials and will be able to store up to 1GB of pictures in their media library.

If you decide to upgrade during your trial, you can do this easily from your account’s homepage.

To sign up for your free trial of EasySurvey Lite, click here and create a free Lite account. Your account will be set up within minutes and you can start creating and sending out surveys straightaway. You can upgrade to the full - paid software version easily and KIM software solutions will invoice you for payment within 30 days.


Why am I being invoiced by KIM Software solutions?

KIM Software solutions Ltd. are the software partner of  RIX Research and Media, University of East London, they are authorised to resell and support the software in the UK.

What is Founder Member pricing?

For early adopters of our EasySurvey we are offering a very limited number of Founders’ Member accounts.

Founders’ Membership is heavily subsidised by RIX Research and Media to allow even more people access to EasySurvey.

Founders’ Members will be given a special EasySurvey pricing. This includes the ability to create unlimited surveys and accept unlimited responses. In addition, Founders’ Members will be invited to special RIX EasySurvey events, have access to masterclass training opportunities and get to shape the future of EasySurvey development.

Will Founder member pricing last forever?

No, there are just 20 accounts available. You need to act fast to make sure you take advantage of this offer. Founder’s Membership pricing may change in the future. RIX and KIM will give always provide 6 month notice in writing (by email) of any price changes.

What is the difference between Individual and Organisation accounts?

An individual account provides ONE login to be used by ONE person only.

An Organisation account allows multiple users in your organisation to login and create surveys. Surveys, media and responses are shared to allow collaborative ways of working across your organisation.


What if I run out of storage space?

If you add lots of media to your account, especially lots of very long 4k (high quality) videos, you might find that you may use up your storage allowance. We can help you to reduce your media size or clear out unused media. This will allow you to make the best use of your storage space. If you still need more space, we can provide additional storage capacity for a small charge that covers the cost of the additional space in our data centre.

Why am I being charged annually?

Our software stores media such as video and images in our server space in our data centre. Like most software nowadays, this annual charge funds the  maintenance, security and upkeep of EasySurvey.

Account features and use of EasySurvey

Can I use communications exchange system images in EasySurvey?

Yes of course, as long as you have permission to do so from the image provider.

Are there any limitations on the number of surveys I can create?

Nope - you can create and send as many surveys as you like.

Can I get survey takers (voters) to complete the survey on their phone?

Absolutely, our surveys work great on tablets, desktops and phones.

Can I take my survey data with me if I choose to stop subscribing to EasySurvey?

Yes, we have a data liberation policy that allows you to download all of your data from surveys into an Excel format file. It’s your data, so we are happy for you to take it with you.

Are survey responses anonymous?

You can choose to ask voters questions which will reveal the identity of the person who completed them eg. their name. You may exclude these types of questions, in which case the survey response will remain anonymous.

If a survey is abandoned, will the data be captured up to this point?

Yes. EasySurvey saves data for each question. If you wish to delete responses from an abandoned survey, you may do so by locating and deleting these in the administrator dashboard. Due to data protection, our kiosk surveys will automatically reset after 10 minutes of no response.

Can I use EasySurvey to capture responses on a welcome desk or foyer?

Absolutely, we have a Kiosk mode that is designed to do just this. Abandoned surveys automatically time-out and return to the Survey start page. After a survey is completed the survey restarts for the next user. It’s all automated, so you can set it up at the start of the day and let it run itself.

Can I use EasySurvey to send out a survey to a specific person?

Yes, you can send out a survey invite to a specific person (or group of people) and allow them to only complete one survey using the invite link.

What media formats or file types are accepted by EasySurvey?

The file formats supported by EasySurvey for each media type are:

  • Images (jpg and png)
  • Video ( flv Flash, 3gp, 3gpp, mov, m4v, mpg, wmv, mp4 and QuickTime)
  • Audio (aac, aiff, m4a, mp3 and wav)

I need a new EasySurvey software feature, will you build that for me?

Absolutely, we are keen to work with organisations to develop EasySurvey further. We will work with you to discuss the feature you are looking for us to build. We will then work out the cost associated with the specifying, building, project managing and testing the feature.

Privacy policy and approach

What is the privacy policy?

It’s your survey, so you disclose the privacy approach on a per survey basis. On the EasySurvey start page, you can describe the privacy practice based on each individual survey. You should be given direction from your organisation around information you request and how you process and manage it.

What could your survey privacy policy include?

Check your organisations privacy policy first. A privacy policy could include statements on the following:

Personal information: Explain the types of personal information you will be requesting and give examples.

Your use of the data: Explain why you are sending out the survey and what you are going to do with the data you collect.

Access to their data and contact: You may wish to provide contact information, as a way to provide the survey taker with a route to request to access the information/answers they submitted eg. an email address.

Third parties: Explain if you are going to keep the data within your organisation or plan to sell or share their data to other people or organisations.

Can I use EasySurvey to collect sensitive personal information?
As a rule, do not collect sensitive personal information in a survey of any kind, paper based or digital. EasySurvey is not a management information storage system.

If it is critical for your to collect sensitive personal information, first check whether you can legally do so using your organisations privacy policy. As long as you abide by this and you explain why you are collecting the responses, how you process them and who you are sharing them with, you can collect sensitive personal information if you consider it essential for requirements of the survey.

How do I make sure that people agree to my privacy policy before they begin to fill out a survey?

You can use our ‘skip logic’ feature to allow a user to consent to the policy and continue with the survey or decide not to consent and terminate the survey immediately. Your survey takers must consent to your privacy policy to complete a survey.

Abandoned surveys

Due to data protection, our kiosk surveys will automatically reset after 10 minutes of no response.

Your right to use our software

Do I have a right to use this software?

You do not have a right to use this software, even if you have purchased a license. RIX Research and Media, University of East London and KIM Software Solutions reserves the right to withdraw an individual or organisation license if the terms of use break the agreement you have with us or infringe UK law.