You can download an offline version of your RIX Wiki. It will be saved as a PDF file. 

The PDF file will have the images, text and links that are on the Wiki. Please note that videos, sound and file attachments will not be included in the PDF file. 

You can only download a Wiki if you are its owner or keeper.  If you have been invited to view a Wiki, you will not be able to download it. 


Follow our Step by Step Guide:

1. Click the dashboard button to go to your Wiki dashboard. 

2. Click the export icon 

3. Click export.  


4. Wait a few minutes for the page to finish loading. If you have a Wiki with lots of content this could take a few minutes. 

  •  You will see a preview of your Wiki as a PDF document.  Use the arrows to preview the pages. 

5. Click the download icon at the top 



 6. In the drop down menu, click Acrobat (PDF) file  

  •  If you are using a laptop or computer, the file will start to download. 

If you are using an iPad or a iPhone, the PDF will download and open in a new browser tab.  This can take a few minutes after clicking 'download'. 


When your PDF has loaded, click share in the top right corner to choose where to save it.