There are a number of reasons why your Wiki might need to be deleted:

  • You do not want your Wiki anymore and want it to be deleted.
  • Your Wiki is currently paid for by a Local Authority, School or other organisation and for some reason they will no longer be paying for your Wiki (for example if you are leaving school or if your local authority is not renewing their RIX Wiki contract) and you do not want to move onto an individual ‘My Wiki’ subscription and pay for your Wiki yourself.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION – Once you have deleted your Wiki all content will be destroyed and you will not be able to retrieve it again. Therefore please ensure that you have downloaded and saved any content from your Wiki that you want to keep before you follow the steps below. 


Saving your Wiki content before deletion

When you delete your Wiki account all Wikis will be deleted including all the pictures, videos and files that have been added to the Wiki. You may want to download some of the the content from your Wiki before you do this. 

Click here to find out how to download your Wiki content 


How to delete your account 

Log in to your Wiki account by going to



  • Go to your Wiki dashboard. 



  • Click My Account. 


  • Click delete my account. 



  • This page tells you what will be deleted when you delete your account. Contact us at if you have any questions. 
  • Once you have reviewed the list and are happy you want to delete your account, click confirm. 



  • This page tells you that your account will not be deleted until it is cofirmed by email. 




  • Go to your inbox which is associated with your account. Look for the email from
  • Click the link which says click here to delete account
  • If you have changed your mind you can ignore the email and your account will remain active. 




  • Your account has now been deleted.