The Wiki can look different depending on what device you are using but the content on the Wiki will be the same. 

The Wiki has a full size view and a mobile view

 The full size view looks like this: 


The mobile view is designed to make it easier to view a Wiki on devices with smaller screens. It looks like this: 


Top tips for viewing a Wiki 

If you are using a computer and you find yourself viewing a Wiki in mobile view, you can adjust your browser so you can use the Wiki in full size view





Make sure your browser window is large enough. For best results make your browser window as big as your computer screen. 



Zoom out on your browser until you can see the Wiki in full size. 

On a Windows computer you can use the keyboard shortcuts to zoom in and out on your browser: 

Zoom out:  Press Control and minus  (ctrl -)

Zoom in:  Press Control and plus (ctrl +)


On a Mac computer use the keyboard shortcuts to zoom in and out on your browser: 

Zoom out:  Press Command and minus (cmd +)

Zoom in:   Press Command and plus (cmd +)


   iPad or Tablet 



Make sure you are using the tablet in horizontal or landscape view. 



Unfortunately, at this time, it is only possible to view a Wiki in mobile view on a mobile device due to the small screen size.