There are a number of reasons why your Wiki might need to be deleted:

  • You do not want your Wiki anymore and want it to be deleted.
  • Your Wiki is currently paid for by a Local Authority, School or other organisation and for some reason they will no longer be paying for your Wiki (for example if you are leaving school or if your local authority is not renewing their RIX Wiki contract) and you do not want to move onto an individual ‘My Wiki’ subscription and pay for your Wiki yourself.

To delete your Wiki please email or contact your local Wiki Coordinator if you have one.  


IMPORTANT INFORMATION – Once you have deleted your Wiki all content will be destroyed and you will not be able to retrieve it again. Therefore please ensure that you have downloaded and saved any content from your Wiki that you want to keep BEFORE you request that your Wiki is deleted.


Downloading and Saving your Wiki content before deletion


We strongly recommend that if you are going to download and save content from your Wiki you use a personal computer to do this. 

To download and save your Wiki as a PDF please read our How to download a Wiki as a PDF article. Please note that this copy will not include any sound or video content from your Wiki and is not a document that you will be able to edit or update. 

Click the links below to find out how to:

Please note – it is not possible to download and save sound files from your Wiki. 



Save a Picture

You can save images from your Wiki. 


  • Find the Image you want to save from your Wiki. 



  • Right click on the image and select  Save Image as... 
Please note: The wording varies depending on the internet browser, it may say Save Picture as...




  • Name the picture and choose where it will go on the computer. 

Save a Video



  • Find the video you want to save



  • If there is a download button, click it to download the video 


  •  If there is not a download button, then right click on the video and choose Save video as... or Download video 

The words may vary depending on what web browser you are using. 


Save a Document



  • Find the document you want to save. Documents appear below the text on a page and have this symbol: 



  • Click on the document  




If it is one of the following document types, then it will save to your downloads folder 

  • Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel documents
  • Apple Pages, Slides and Numbers documents 



  • If the document is a PDF file, then it will open in a new tab 
  • Click Save as... to save the PDF to your computer