This article will share some useful links to help you get started if you want to use iMovie. We are using the newest version of the program, iMovie 10

We'll share some links to get you started, and show you how to adjust the video quality if you need to make it smaller to upload it to your RIX Wiki. 


Downloading iMovie 


 If you are using an Apple Mac computer, an iPad, iPhone or iPod, you can use 'iMovie' to edit videos.  

You can use the links below to download iMovie. At the time of writing, iMovie is free.   

For iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod):

For Mac:


Getting Started


The Apple iMovie support centre can help you get started using iMovie:


This tutorial gives a great overview of what iMovie can do. The first 4 minutes are particularly useful for learning how to add clips into iMovie and navigating the layout. 


This video is really quick and covers the very basics of making your clips shorter in iMovie: 


You can export your video from iMovie so that you can upload it to a Wiki. Depending on the resolution and length of your video, you may need to reduce the quality of the video to ensure it is less than 250mb and can be uploaded to a Wiki. 

You can follow this guide from Apple here to learn how to export your video from iMovie:


Top Tips to Reduce Video File size  

When adding a video to a RIX Wiki, the video must have a filesize of less than 250mb.  This is similar to other websites and is so that we can control our data storage costs. However, this doesn't mean you have to upload less videos, follow our top tips to reduce the filesize using iMovie. 


Reduce the resolution of the video - the lower the number, the lower the resolution. 



Reduce the 'Quality' setting of the video to low or medium.  

These fields are highlighted in the red box in the image below: 


Now you are ready to upload your video to your Wiki. Click here to view our step by step guide.